Halloween prep at our first Spooky Stuff Creation Station!

Our first Spooky Stuff Creation Station was a monstrous success, with all kinds of creepy crawly art and objects created to evoke the spirit of the season. ┬áDon’t miss our next Spooky Workshops coming up Saturday Oct 29 and Monday Oct. 31.


img_0467 img_0468

We worked together to build an autumn tree decorated with the colors and shapes of the world changing all around us.

img_0469 img_0471

We used a variety of media to create works of art to strike terror in the hearts of all who dare to look upon them. (Though actually, most of their work was really cute)

img_0474 img_0478

We had a multi-sensory creature hunt when a nest of horrors was discovered in a bin full of shaving cream!

img_0475 img_0476

The real creature creation kicked into the gear with the creation of molds shaped to creep out guests or trick or treaters this Halloween: Spiders, bats and things that creep and crawl.


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