Studying Mammals

Hawkeye was with us to teach us about Mammals! We talked about what it means to be warm blooded, live birth (as opposed to laying eggs, with a nod to the platypus), and nursing babies. We learned that giraffes have tongues as long as our arms, and that the smallest is the hummingbird bat and the largest is the blue whale. We also talked about reptiles and marsupials and what makes them different from mammals.

The best part was that we had the chance to study skulls and pelts of mammals up close and personal!













We ready ‘Time for Sleep’ to study how and when different mammals take their rest.












Coming face to face with a black bear (pelt)












Studying the way the jaw fits into the upper portion of the skull. We discussed how jaw bones are not attached so we can eat and talk.












Black Bear, Coyote and Racoon Skulls



















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