Welcome to Tessera!

Tessera Arts LLC

Our goal is to encourage a culture of collaboration, inclusiveness, and creative thinking through arts based early education.

Tessera leverages a curriculum of visual, musical, movement based and multi-sensory arts to incorporate a variety of educational subjects and environmental explorations. We are a secular community linking families from North Seajttle, to Shoreline, Edmonds, and Bothell.

❄️Winter Break Wonders ❄️

Glittering Goo Or Sparkling Slime

Friday, January 26th (Edmonds Schools off)
Price(USD): $75.00

Monday, Janurary 29th (Shoreline Schools off)
Price(USD): $75.00

Wednesday , Janurary 31st (Seattle Schools off)
Price(USD): $75.00

9:00 – 3:00
We’ll be creating a collaborative creature, a massive glittering gelatinous mass to play with and manipulate. A bit of chemistry and a lot of fun create a multisensory experience that makes a great way add some sparkle to the depths of winter.

Now enrolling

Preschool Program &  Workshops

Sign up for our upcoming workshops while there’s still room, or see the menu above for more information on our selection of programs.

Tessera is a Greek word describing a small tile used to create mosaics. We work to provide children with opportunity for individual exploration, but also emphasize collaborative projects with peers. Every child is both a unique individual, and an integral part of our larger community. We work together to create a supportive, unhurried environment where children can focus on processes, creation and self expression.

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